Studio re-opening update

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well?
Get ready this is a long message!!!

The government announced that gyms can open from the 31st of August.
I’ve been taking some time to look over all the government guidelines to find out exactly what I have to implement in order to open again safely for all of you and for myself.

Long story cut short is that instead of a capacity of 20 within the studio I can now only have 5 clients and me at the present time.
This is to comply with current social distancing guidance for an exercise activity. (9m2 per per person).
As you can imagine this will have a huge impact on my earnings, for that reason the price of in studio classes will increase to £8 per person.

I have made the difficult decision to suspend all class passes and vouchers for live face to face classes until I am allowed to increase class sizes again to a more sustainable, viable level. I do hope you all understand.

All windows must be kept open throughout our sessions to provide enough ventilation for the amount of people within the space.

You must bring your own mat with you. I will not be issuing any mats or equipment during the classes.
If you do not have a mat, TK Maxx or Amazon have a good selection.

As capacity is greatly reduced I’m afraid that bookings will be taken weekly on a first come, first served basis.
Payment must be made at time of booking either by PayPal, bank transfer or over the phone via my card reader, and refunds will not be issued unless 24h hour notice is given and the space is filled.
There will be no drop in spaces available for the foreseeable future.

Guidelines state at least 30 minutes between each session to allow for cleaning procedures to be undertaken

I have made the decision to start back with a very limited timetable at present, obviously this will evolve and change over time.

9.30-10.30am Pilates
6.15-7.15pm Yoga

Tuesday 6.15-7.15pm Pilates

Wednesday 9.30-10.30am Pilates

Friday 9.30-10.30am Pilates

Please arrive on time for your class, the studio door will be opened 5 minutes before the class starts, please do not try to enter the studio before that time.
Unfortunately you cannot wait in the foyer at present, please wait in your car or outside the building.
Please arrive ready to take part in the class, changing facilities within The Old School are not in use at present.
Please bring as few personal belongings with you as possible. Shoes can be worn in to the studio and removed within your own designated area.
There will not be a shoe rack at present outside the studio door.
Please wear masks from the entrance of The Old School until you are within your designated area within the studio.
You are able to wear your mask to take part in the class if you would prefer.
Please wear your mask after class until you leave The Old School.
Please do not attend classes if you are feeling at all unwell.
Temperatures will be checked on arrival, if you have a high temperature you will unfortunately not be allowed to attend the class.
Hand sanitiser will be available at the studio door.

One to one sessions will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am-2pm

I will keep online classes running on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am via Zoom
and a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm on Zoom.

I am hoping that I will be able to live stream the studio based sessions so that those that cannot get booked in live will still be able to join me.

*Class passes can continue to be used for online classes. The current online price will continue till the end of September.

From the end of September I will be introducing an online membership. I’ll issue more information with regards to this ASAP.

The studio will open on Wednesday the 2nd of September.

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